Renu Desai: Pawan likes my work

Former actress and director Renu Desai has unveiled her new book titled Love Unconditionally which has a collection of poems written by her. The book has been translated into Telugu by lyricist Ananta Sriram. The book has been lapped up by the audience and literature lovers for its in-depth meanings. Meanwhile, Renu in an interview spilled the beans aboPawanwan Kalyan reaction on her writing.

Pawan Kalyan Admired Renu Desai Writing

She said, “He had seen my poems and asked me if I’ve written myself for the kind of vocabulary I’ve used. He liked them immensely and praised the lines”.  “During the days of Bangaram movie shooting, I’ve written a couple of pieces and showed my ex-husband. Then itself he predicted that I will become a top writer one day for the kind of depth my lines has” she added.