Renu Desai Shares Her Fiance Pic

Renu Desai has found love again. The actress who got engaged recently is spending her private time with her fiance at Central Park in Manhattan in the US. However, the actress has shared only a glimpse of his fiance from the back, keeping his face under wraps. She posted the picture with beautiful lines, “Patiently, you picked up the scattered pieces. A thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of sorrow. Each piece, a testament to the pain endured. Your gentle demeanour. soothing tones, healing jagged edges. Mending broken emotions, a salve to my scarred soul…And now, nothing matters. For, I have you”.

Pawan Kalyan’s Ex-Wife Renu Desai Shares Her Fiance

The actress who shared her engagement pictures didn;lt reveal her fiance face purposefully, stating that as he is not from the industry and due to the constant trolls she has kept it under wraps. On the other side, Renu Desai in a recent interview disclosed the cause of her separation from her former husband Pawan Kalyan. She said that Pawan Kalyan cheated her as he fathered a child as she was in a relationship with her. She added that divorce was also insisted upon her.

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