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Jai Lava Kusa is one film which is touted to be NTR’s biggest to date as he has done three roles. The film is out in the theaters and read on to see how the film shapes out to be.



Jai Lava Kusa are brothers who get separated during their childhood. But one of them Jai becomes a huge don and kidnaps the other two so that they can go in place of them and campaign for him. How do these two brothers manage the evil brother is the whole film about.


The film is only about performances as NTR has killed it in every aspect. Except for his staggering performance, there is nothing much in the film. NTR is superb as the negative Jai and evokes superb emotions. His performance during the interval and climax will leave you spellbound.

Nivetha Thomas looks horrible in her stupid role and is wasted in the film. Same goes to Raashi Khanna who does not have much to do. Posani and Sai Kumar get decent roles.


Over analysis and technical overview: 

The film has an old but interesting storyline. But the problem lies in Bobby’s direction as he does not elevate any character much. He neither makes Jai too much evil or showcases good bond between the brothers.

The major emotions that a film like this made on brothers is completely missing. While he establishes the first half well, the tempo in the second half goes down completely.

Also, the manner in which the heroes trade places lacks the punch. Songs are the biggest drawbacks as none of the songs manage to impress whatsoever which is the wakes point of the film. Production values are very bad as the film clearly has a very low-value look.

The film is only a treat for the fans who will like the hero’s role and performance. But it is a straight out below average watch for others who expect to come in too much as there is nothing much there


One Line Verdict:

Strictly for NTR fans

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