Review : Jayadev

Every now and then some one or the other makes their movie debuts. The latest one is a politicians son called Ghanta Ravi who has come in front of us in the form of Jayadev. Read on to see whether his debut is worth his hard work.

The story of the film is as old as my grandmother. A simple cop played y Ravi goes against a huge mafia don played by 90’s hero Vinod Kumar. He gets a case and tries to put the culprits behind the bars but fails many a time. how he does that is the film all about.
Seriously, Ghanta Ravi should stick to what he does the best and that is helping his dad in politics. Choosing a tough film like this as the debut is utter foolishness. He is not properly trained or does not have any screen presence at all. His dialogue delivery and his diction need to be developed big time.
Senior actor Vinod Kumar over acts to no extent irritating the audience to no extent. Rest of the cast is bad but the heroine is just about okay and does some skin show.
Overall analysis and technical overview:
This film is directed by once upon director Jayant C Paranji and you will be surprised to see the shoddy work he has done in the film. Jayadev looks like a C grade film filled with A grade actors. None of them bring any impact on the film. The basic emotion of the cops is completely missing making the two halves a disaster. 
And the breakage of songs at regular intervals makes you look for the exit doors. So we request you to save your money as the GST taxes are coming in action from tomorrow.
One Line Verdict:-
Police Torture