Review : VIP 2

So much was said when the sequel to VIP was being made. Soundarya Rajnikanth directs this film which has finally been made and also hit the screens. Will the sequel weave the same magic, read on to find out.
As we all know Raghuvaran played by Dhanush is a sincere engineer who works for a small time company. Because of his hard work, his company gets big and enters into the top league. There Dhanush constantly creates a problem for the MD of a top most company which is played by Kajol. An upset Kajol takes her revenge by plotting against Raghuvaran. Rest of the film is how Raghuvaram makes it back on top.
Dhanush is the only actor in the film who does his best. His role in the first half has been designed quite well and has some comedy also attached to it. Then, it was Kajol who looked cool in her role which is not written properly. Vivek brings some laughs and Amal Paul is most seen shouting on Dhanush which irritates after a point. Rest of the cast has nothing to do.
Technical Overview and overall analysis
The second part of the film has no story at all as the second half goes for a toss. Things fall drastically and you fail to understand the climax whatsoever. There is no proper drama during this time and this is because of the water thin plot which was written by Dhanush.
Soundarya Rajinikanth’s direction is horrible as he has no idea how to deal with the script. Music is pathetic and same was the case of the editing department. All in all, this sequel is over the top and has nothing to look forward to. Wait till the DVD’s are out.
One Line Verdict:-
Half baked sequel