Review : Vivekam

So much was said about Ajith’s Vivekam which was being promoted quite heavily in Tamil. The Telugu version has hit the screens and read on to see how the film turns out to be.
Ajith is a military officer who gets cheated by his own friend played by Vivek Oberoi. Not only does he gets cheated, he also is named as a serious terrorist and is left away from his wife Kajal. Rest of the story is as to how Ajith fights against all odds and punishes Vivek Oberoi. 
Except for Ajith’s role, there is nothing much to rave about the film. Nor the story or the narration is worth a mention in this film. The only thing which catches your attention is the amazing stunts and actions sequences which are ably performed by Ajith. Vivek Oberoi gets a meaty role and is good during the second half. Kajal looks beautiful and does her part quite sincerely.
Technical Overview and Overall Analysis:-
The director Siva ensured that the film Vivekam has some top of the pop action and surreal locations. But all of them have gone to waste as he has only showcased top notch action and nothing else. Surprisingly, Anirudh irritates you to no extent with his background score. 
There is no proper drama in the film as the film has one point agenda and that is showcasing Ajith in a stylish way. This will be liked by the Tamil audience by not by us who seek regular entertainment and this film does not provide that at all.
One Line Verdict:-
Lousy Action Drama