Bollywood actor points out at lapses at Hyderabad airport

Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh has pointed out at lapses at the Hyderabad airport. Taking to Twitter, Riteish posted a video which shows the actor got stuck at the Hyderabad Airport lounge after the power went off. He also added that the emergency exit door remains locked and the only way to go out is an elevator which is also shut due to electricity cut.

“So we were at the Hyderabad Airport Lounge – suddenly the power goes off- the way in & out is an elevator that shuts down. The only exit door is locked in a chain (Incase of FIRE it’s a tragedy waiting to happen).” (sic) tweeted Riteish.

He further wrote, “Security personnel refuses to give permission to open the door at the cost of passengers missing their flight. Wake up Hyderabad airport Authority – public exits can’t be locked in case of emergencies”. However, the officials of Hyderabad Airport responded stating, “Hi Riteish, thank you for your valuable observation. In the current set up, there is a manual lock – the key is placed in a box next to the glass door and can be accessed in case of an emergency”.

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