Sai Dharam’s Valentine tweet brings laughter

Sai Dharam Tej’s latest tweet to mark Valentine’s Day has become the talk of the town. He said he was single in 1999. He was single in 2009 and he is still single in 2019.  What more, he asked netizens to share their stories of singlehood.  Everyone is having a hearty laugh at this.

The netizens know that Saidharam was never practically single. He changed his girlfriends depending on the season. They are trying to remind his as to how he had spent his Valentine’s Day last year. Gossips always abound about Saidharam’s lovers and even Rakulpreet had said that Saidharam was never single.

So, when Teju talked about his singlehood, everyone is having a hearty laugh. Perhaps, he didn’t get a girl friend this time to celebrate his Valentines Day this year.

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