‘Shameless Geetha Madhuri’ Trends On Social Media

The hashtag #ShamelessGeethaMadhuri trends on Twitter calling Geetha a ‘backstabber’ among other few names. After the end of murder mystery task, Geetha nominated Kaushal for the entire season in the special power she was given by the Bigg Boss. While nominating, Geetha also dubbed that Kaushal Army is there so “vaadukundam” (let’s use it). This was the triggering point for the fans of Kaushal who felt stooped and underestimated by Geetha.

Kaushal Fans Attack Geetha Madhuri

From funny memes to unnecessarily nominating Kaushal many things are being said about Geetha. #irritatinggeethamadhuri, #backstabbergeetha, #CunningFoxGeethaMadhuri, #bhaddhakistGEETHAMADHURI  to #ShamelessGeethaMadhuri were all written against Geetha. Some who were initially fans of Geetha have now switched loyalty and are supporting Kaushal. Have a  look at the tweets:

The audience also tweeted saying #StarMaa has deliberately chosen Geetha for the MUrder Mystery task to target Kaushal. However, the contestants don’t know the unprecedented love and fanbase Kaushal has attained. Kaushal is known to be hard-working, sincere in all activities and straight-forward person and sportive who is the top favourite and likely to emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. Meanwhile, check out the tweets against #StarMaa and #GeetaMadhuri for the biased and prejudice task for training guns at Kaushal.

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