Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review

Starring: Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty, Madonna Sebastian, Rahul Ravindran, Murali Sharma
Director: Rahul Sankrityan
Producer: Venkat Boyanapalli
Music Director: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography : Sanu John Varghese
Editor: Naveen Nooli
Release Date : December 24,2021

Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review

Shyam Singha Roy is a film that Nani had pinned a lot of hopes on. The film is released and read our review to know if the film has any juice in it or not.


Vasu played by Nani is a film director. He makes it big with his debut film itself but gets caught in a copyright case filed by a publication house in West Bengal. Further investigation proves that Vasu is none other than the great writer Shyam Singha Roy. What is the connection between past and present? and how the rest of this theme is unfolded on screen is the basic crux of the film.


Nani breathes life into the role of Shyam Singha Roy and gives a knockout performance. He has vastly improved as an actor and shares a crackling chemistry with Sai Pallavi. Speaking of Pallavi, she has nailed it once again with her spellbinding performance. She looks gorgeous in the film.

Krithi Shetty will shock you with her boldness on screen and is very good. Madonna Sabastian is also neat as a lawyer. Rahul Ravindran gets an important role and he does good. There are no main villiams and Abhishek Gomatam does a good job.


Shyam Singha Roy is based on the theme of re incarnation and has been ably presented by the director Rahul Sankrytan. He gets full marks for keeping the emotions quite gripping from the first scene onwards. The way the period drama is connected with the present time is quite good.

Music plays a pivotal role in the film and has been elevated so well by Mickey J Meyer’s background score. His songs are very good. Most of the film is shot in a set and it looks quite grand. Camera work and the way production work in tandem look good on screen.

The first half of the film showcases how the hero gets connections established from the past. This is shown through a very good interval block. The film has its fair share of demerits as well. There is an issue of pace here and the second half goes down with lengthy back to back episodes.

Nani has made sure that the film is packed with good actors who perform well. The film is quite good in terms of narration and will not bore you as well. If you lower the expectations and watch it, Shyam Singha Roy will impress you with its unique world and class narration.

Bottom Line – Period drama with good emotions

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