Sivaji Raja plans ‘return gift’ for Naga Babu

With the recently concluded MAA electionss and the seelction of the new president -Naresh, many thought this would put the infighitng to an end, howveer it donest look like to end any time soon. Naresh won the elections which had industry support and also Naga Babu. To this outgoing MAA president Sivaji Raja said that he plans “return gift” to Naga Babu. “Naga Babu and I have been friends for the last 30 years. I will soon give him a return gift,” he said.

Sivaji Raja conducted press meet on Tuesday to clarify things after Naresh made allegations against the former.

The MAA elections happened on March 10 and the results were declared in the early hours of Monday, March 11. Total 472 votes were cast dubbing it as the highest ever in the elections of MAA history. Actor Naresh had backing from Mahesh Babu and many other Tollywood biggies, in fact, Naga Babu after casting his vote openly said that he backed Naresh.

It may be recalled that previously Naresh and Shivaji Raja had internal disputes over misusing of funds with alleging allegations against one another. The fight reached to a next level after both came out in public pitting allegations against one another.