Sri Reddy Hurt By Keerthy Suresh Awkward Smile 

Actress Sri Reddy who started her fight against casting couch in the showbiz has now given a piece of advice to actress Keerthy Suresh. It all so happened that Sri Reddy got hurt by Keerthy’s awkward smile considering that as a mark of insult.

Keerthy Suresh Smile Hurts Sri Reddy

It all happened at the press meet where actor Vishal and Keerthy were present for their film Pandem Kodi. When Vishal was asked on Sri Reddy, he said, “Sri Reddy is finally receiving offers. Right now, She is staying away from controversies…it’s a welcome sign. Those who work with her need to have cameras around them for safety purpose. If that happens, Even the safety of Sri Reddy can be guaranteed.” Keerthy who was next to Vishal giggled out on hearing this statement which made Sri Reddy infuriated.

Sri Reddy wrote, ” You will understand struggler’s pain. I never forget your smile..mind it. You are flying in the clouds now.”