Sunny Leone Got Emotional For This Reason

Sunny Leone’s autobiographical web series titled Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone will be out soon. But the sensuous actress had a breakdown moment possibly changing her identity – Karenjit Kaur to Sunny. This is what she wrote, “My heart broke a thousand times tonight…probably cried a thousand tears tonight wanting, longing, missing, regretting, and wishing I could have you close to me once more,” posting her picture which left her teary-eyed.

Actress Sunny Leone Sweet Words About Her Supporters

Sunny was flooded with comments from followers, who were supporting her thanking them stated, “You all are so sweet for all your kind words. It was a tough night yesterday and yes I know the sun comes up and everything will be better. But I love that you all are always by my side to cheer me up.”

The actress also opened up how she chose the name, stating, “When I was doing this interview for the magazine, they asked, what do you want your name to be? And I said ‘how about Sunny and you guys pick the last name?’ And it wasn’t something that I really thought about. Sunny just happens to be my brother’s nick name. His name is Sandeep.”

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