Shocking! This actress took steroids

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has opened up a horrendous experience where she fought back with to resurrect her life. The actress was diagnosed with deadly illness in 2014.

Sushmita one fine day got collapsed on the sets of Nirbaak. She later came to know that her adrenal glands have stopped making Cortisol. ‘I had to take a steroid for every 8 hours to stay alive. I started gaining weight because of the steroid deposits. My hair was falling badly. I went though trauma because I am a former Miss Universe who is supposed to be  beautiful. I was in a trauma and didn’t wanted to go out” said Susmita Sen.

Sushmita Sen added that the phase between 2014 to 2016 was a lowest of her life. But she continued to live for her two kids who needed her most. On the work front, she will be appearing soon with Happy Anniversary.

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