Tanushree: Rakhi Sawant Is Obsessed With Sex, Money

The verbose spat between actress Tanushree Dutta and Rakhi Sawant is ensuing where the former has called Rakhi as a “moron” who is “obsessed with sex and money”. Tanushree has issued a lengthy statement slamming all the comments made by Rakhi against her.

“My parents always told me to choose my friends very carefully and I learnt to live by that advice. I simply avoid at all cost people I think are not good for me. So it’s disgusting when uncouth, uneducated, dirty, downmarket, classless, characterless, perverted, degraded abominations like Rakhi Sawant claim to ever be friends with me,” she said.

“These Rakhi Sawants of the world are the kind of people who are the reason the minorities get into trouble in our country. When they are Hindu, they talk badly about other religions and when they convert, they talk badly about Hinduism. But the good ones get judged by the behaviour of these so-called converts,” Tanushree added. She questioned her that has done plastic surgery on her mind as well, saying, “You will perish along with your lies and so will your friends who have put you up for it.”