The brotherly bond between Kushal Tandon and Karan Jotwani

With Karan Jotwani and Kushal Tandon being the talk of the town for their romantic drama Bebaakee, fans simply can’t get enough of their camaraderie. The two play roles titled Imtiaz and Sufiyaan respectively as best friends. Always seen around each other and living their best life, the bond of Imtiaz and Sufiyaan is so strong that one will just feel like they are brothers. It so turns out that both actors share an incredible bond in real life as well. When the pair are together, it is like the set is on fire as they make sure that the people around them do not have a single dull moment.

Speaking on their bond, Kushal said, “Jotwani, what I call Karan lovingly, is really a fabulous person. It’s a different aura when he is around since we got along really well right from day one. Just like what one sees on the show, our friendship in real life is very much the same. We go out, chill and party. Whenever I have any doubt in my mind, he is the first person who I go to for help. So many people say that we are brothers from another mother. I really hope our chemistry remains the same throughout life.”

Talking about his best bro, Karan quipped, “We are both friends as well as brothers. We have a blast whenever we are together. He is the person whom I can depend on for anything. We are Sufiyaan and Imtiaz in real life as well. We share the same interests when it comes to a lot of things. I wish and pray that our friendship and the brotherly bond remains everlasting.”

Bebaakee is a story of love, passion, and madness between two people, Sufiyaan and Kainaat. With their mutual love for journalism bringing the two together, what follows are a series of events that are a roller coaster ride filled with emotions. Despite destiny bringing them together, they are unable to understand whether their chemistry will be followed by love or hate.

While things seem to be pretty plain sailing for the two, life takes an unexpected turn once Sufiyaan’s friend Imtiaz (Karan Jotwani) enters their life takes. While Imtiaz is what every woman wants, Sufiyaan sets out on a mission to ruin Kainaat and Imtiaz after seeing the two getting attached to each other. Amidst all the chaos caused by Imtiaz, one wonders what will happen to him and if Kainaat and Sufiyaan end up together?

Bebaakee is streaming on ALTBalaji and ZEE5 Club.

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