The real story behind Mahesh-Suku project

Mahesh and Sukumar were to work together for a project. Mythri Movie Makers, the producers, have already given the advance amounts to both Mahesh and Sukumar. But, the latest buzz is that the project is shelved, at least for now.

The Film Nagar is abuzz with the news that Sukumar has sought more time for finetune the story. But, the real reason is said to be something else.Sukumar reportedly has narrated the story, but Mahesh apparently did not like the story.He suggested some changes, but Suku did not like it.

So, now either Sukumar has to prepare a new story orhe has to look for a new hero for his old story. Post-Rangasthalam, any actor will jump with joy to work with Sukumar. So, we have to  wait to see if Mahesh does the film or if any other hero does the film.