There is no need to cross swords but only to shake hands: KCR

The proposed meeting between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministers has commenced at 11.30 am on Friday at Pragati Bhavan.

At 11.15 AP CM Jagan along with his cabinet colleagues and other officials have arrived at Pragathi Bhavan. KCR along with other Ministers and officials have welcomed the team of AP CM. CM KCR has introduced the Telangana officials to AP CM Jagan on this occasion. CM KCR has taken AP CM Jagan to his chambers and discussed for some time. At 11.30 both the Chief Ministers have arrived at the meeting hall. Addressing the members CM KCR has welcomed the AP CM and his team of officials.

At the post-lunch meeting, both the CMs have decided to solve all the issues arised after bifurcation of the then united AP State amicably, through dialogue and deliberations. Today and tomorrow, discussions will be held among the Government Advisors, Principal Secretaries. Matters pertaining to division of employees, Government Institutions will be held. Officials concerned from both the states will take a joint responsibility of preparing proposals on diverting Godavari water. Irrigation secretaries from both the States, E-in-C’s will oversee the preparation of these proposals. Before July 15, the officials will submit their proposals to their respective Chief Ministers. Following this, both the Chief Ministers will meet in AP deliberate on the proposals and take a final decision on the matter.

Telangana CM KCR described today’s meeting, which took place after it was decided that both the states would jointly move forward, as a great and auspicious beginning. He said all the issues that were cropped up after the bifurcation will be solved amicably with a positive approach. KCR quipped there is no need to cross swords but only to shake hands. No need to brandish swords, only handshakes are need of the hour. He said his government’s approach with neighbouring state would be like give and take. With the same policy yielded good results with Maharashtra. With AP too, the same policy will be adapted for the benefit of two states. He has suggested to the AP officials to complete the projects on the fast track and hand over the fruits to the people in the state.