Tollywood Prostitution Racket Busted In US, Indian Couple Held

In a shocking incident, an Indian origin couple was arrested in Chicago for running Tollywood prostitution racket by forcing upcoming actress in Tollywood. The couple has been identified as Modugumudi Kishan (34) and his wife Chandra (31). Apparently, the couple was arrested in April but came to public light after the local media reported about the incident.

Telugu Film Producer And His Wife Arrested For Running Prostitution Racket

Modugumudi Kishan is said to be a businessman who had produced some major chunks of films in Tollywood. His wife Chandra used to keep the track of liaisons in the ledgers book with writing the amount charged for the sexual encounter.

The couple has been charged of luring upcoming actresses from Tollywood for events in the US, but then were advertised for sex workers at events in the US and the couple allegedly charged USD 3000 for sexual exchange. A complainant told the cops said that the accused have threatened if she divulges details.

A 42-page charge sheet has been filed by the federal police against the couple, who have been in federal custody since then. The accused two school going children have been put in the custody of child welfare officials in Virginia.