TV Male Anchors Making News For Wrong Reasons

Media boom has led to lot of craze even for TV anchors. Time was when only Suma, Udayabhanu and Jhansi were celebrities. But, today, even male anchors have a lot of crazy fan following. The likes of Pradeep, Ravi, Chanti and Sudheer are hugely popular and have a great fan following. Pradeep is now doing a reality show where he chooses his life partner.

But, there are some other cases, where at least some anchors are crossing their limits and are creating problems. Take for instance, anchor Ravi. A film distributed, identified as Sandip, has accused Ravi of trying to attack him. He said Ravi and 20 others came and attacked him. He had also lodged a complaint with the SR Nagar police. Sundip has distributed Ravi’s film “Maa prema katha.” Sundip says money alone is the issue between them.

But the point is some anchors seem to have a bloated image of themselves. Ravi had earlier made some nasty comments about women and ended up apologizing. Pradeep too was caught in a drunk and drive case. Big money, quick popularity, celebrity status, a slew of offers and reality shows are making the anchors think they are larger than life. These seem to be making them believe they are superheroes. It’s about time they realize that they cannot take the law into their hands.

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