Varun Tej disappointed

Varun Tej didn’t think twice in accepting Antariksham in the hope that the Telugu audience have matured and have begun liking variety fares. He accepted the film as had two back-to-back hits. But, the film disappointed thoroughly and did not even get decent openings. This shocked Varun Tej who felt he has developed a decent and guaranteed market worth. But, Antariksham’s failure shows that Varun Tej still has a long way to go.

Antariksham Disappoints Varun Tej

The film’s trailer was warmly received. So, Varun Tej felt the film too would be lapped up as eagerly But the collections they expected on opening day were very disappointing. This flop has proved that despite Fidaa and Toliprema, Varun Tej has failed to get a niche market for himself.

Is this what happens when the hero keeps changing genre with every film. Audience does not connect with him if he continues if he keeps changing genre with every film. The moral of the story is that till the market stabilises, the heroes should not experiment too much.