Vasantha Sameeram Em Maya Song Released

Romantic single Em Maya Song from Vasantha Sameeram is out. The four-minute video takes you to the lives of a couple essayed by Rakesh Galebhe and Lakshmi Bharadwaj. Filmed in the USA, the scenic locals and visuals are breathtaking which have been captured by Natraj Kadmanchi. Going by the visuals it suggests to be from the perspective of the woman, while the guy beside her tries to be in handy for her. The soothing music is composed by Kalyan Kaudin. Directed by Maruti T Ravikiran, it has been presented by RK Nallam under Klapboard productions.

Check out the song…

Vasantha Sameeram Teaser

Vasantha Sameeram is yet another beautiful love story. The 51-second teaser is out and it shows two young people who come across one another. We can probably infer from the teaser that how their friendship tale turns into love, which is the crux of the story.