Vijay Deverakonda in hospital

Here comes sad news for Vijay Deverakonda fans. When everyone was soaked up in Holi festivity, the Arjun Reddy actor got hospitalised after being taken ill with fever. Vijay, working round-the-clock for his upcoming projects was working till 6 am on Holi. However, due to hectic work, he got exhausted.

Vijay who has work commitment couldn’t take the risk of falling sick, hence the actor immediately rushed to the hospital for a quick break to get rejuvenation. A source says, “It’s nothing to worry about. It’s just exhaustion. And ideally, one should just rest it out. But Vijay can’t afford a break right now. So he has checked into the hospital for quick relief in order to be able to resume shooting as soon as possible.” Well, Vijay certainly doesn’t keep his health at bay for a work cost. The actor knows how to strike a balance. Isn’t it, folks?

Apart from movies, the buzz has it that Telugu Bigg Boss makers are in talks with Vijay to make him the host of Bigg Boss 3. Reportedly, Vijay has his hands full, but the makers are trying to convince him to allocate dates for Bigg Boss 3. Considering that Vijay has a lot of fan craze and crowd puller, the show management is keen to cast him. So looks like, it could be either Nagarjuna or Vijay to be the face of Bigg Boss 3.