Vijay Deverakonda shocking comment about Kabir Singh

Vijay Deverakonda has passed on shocking comment about Kabir Singh. Well, he hasn’t made any controversial comments but sounds bizarre. Vijay has refused to watch Sandeep Reddy Vanag’s blockbuster hit Kabir Singh.

During Dear Comrade press meet, when asked if he has seen Kabir Singh, Vijay said, “Shahid has done that film, and he has gone through the character, and there is nothing for me to watch it again. I know the story, I have done that film, why will I watch again?” The PelliChoopulu actor also states that Sandeep has asked him to watch Kabir Singh but he doesn’t want to pay heed stating, He said, “I wanted the Hindi film to be a big hit, because Sandeep is my man. But unexpectedly, it became a blockbuster. Done. No more discussion there.”

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Kabir Singh is doing phenomenal business at the box-office and has breached the Rs 250 crore mark. Of late, Sandeep’s interview with Anupama Chopra was heavily criticised for the former’s views on supporting slapping the lead actress. To this, Sandeep had later said, “I had to say what I had to say. And then they cut out portions of my comments.”