Vijay Deverakonda to promote Anand Deverakonda

Anand Deverakonda, brother of Vijay and Rajasekhar’s youngest daughter Sivatmika are quietly shooting for their debut film Dorasani. The film is being made in the backdrop of Telangana. The shoot is almost complete. But, the promotions haven’t begun as yet.

The reason? Vijay Deverakonda. Yes. Though Vijay is all for promoting his sibling’s film, his schedules are coming in the way. He has several shooting schedules. So, the promotions will begin when he is free. Ditto with Rajasekhar. He is busy with ‘Kalki’ and will be available for promotion only after the schedules are over. The unit has decided not to issue even the first look of the film until both Vijay and Rajasekhar become available.

The film is being directed by Mahendra and Madhura Sridhar and Yash Rangineni are the producers. Even Suresh Babu joined them recently. The film unit shot two key schedules in Warangal and Siddipet recently.