Violinist Balabhaskar Dies Week After Accident 

Popular violinist Balabhaskar, aged 40,  has passed away this morning (October 2) after a week-long battle in the hospital. The musician dies in the early hours at 1 am due to cardiac arrest. The news has spread shockwaves to the music industry and many are unable to come to terms with.

Violinist Balabhaskar Passes Away

The couple met with an accident on their return from Thrissur after a temple visit. It is learnt that due to driver dereliction the car went berserk and rammed into a tree. The At the time of the incident, Balabhaskar was sitting next to the driver’s seat along with his daughter Tejaswini Bala, while his wife was sitting in the back seat. Their two-year-old daughter Tejaswini Bala died in the accident, While Balabhaskar’s wife and the driver are still recovering in the hospital.

Balabhaskar was a child prodigy, who scored music for Malayalam film at the age of 17. Later, he went on to score music for many films and is known for his concerts in and outside Kerala.

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