Viral: Balakrishna threatens to kill

Nandamuri Balakrishna has repeated the same gaffe and this time he has done a horrendous mistake. Balkrishna has been caught on cam threatening a journalist where is seen hurling abuses stating that he would kill the journalist. The video of this is viral and Balayya Babu’s despicable behaviour has become the subject of discussion now.

The Hindupur MLA has slapped the scribe and threatened it saying, “Delete it (referring to an unknown video in the mobile of a journalist).” “Do you think our lives are decided by you?” “I will stab you to death”. *Multiple abuses that have been muted* “I will take away your life.” “I know how to use bombs.” “I know how to brandish sword.” It is to be seen if any action would be taken against him or will he get away like in the past.

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