Viral: Pawan, Naga Babu exude simplicity

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has enjoyed humongous stardom as an actor. Despite his star status, the actor is known for his unassuming nature and simplicity. More often than not, many tales have been heard about Pawan’s modest and down-to-earth nature, but this is now witnessed by the public.  The latest is a picture of Pawan and NagaBabu in one frame where the latter is seen sipping tea sitting at the roadside is viral.

The picture exudes how the two Mega brothers who can sit in a Barista with an air-conditioned space are sitting at the roadside like commoners. We also reported how Pawan during his campaign is only relying on fruits, especially bananas, dry fruits and at times curd rice. He has been foten spotted taking his meals under a tree or near a village during election campaign break. Well, we’re sure his modesty and his earnest speeches in the campaign have reached the grassroots levels.


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