When Huma Qureshi Had To Yell At Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth Kaala has opened to a good reception at the domestic box-office and overseas market too. Actress Huma Qureshi has made her debut in Tamil cinema with Kaala, the most talked about film. Huma who for the first time shared screen space with the Thaliavar says that she was in complete awe of the superstar calling him a “thorough gentleman” and the most humble person who doesn’t have any air despite being a legend.

“I was completely in awe. He is such a thorough gentleman to work with. And he carries his superstardom very lightly, which is a great quality. I was very amazed and he’d speak to you about his past and acting. One particular day he spoke a lot about Mr [Amitabh] Bachchan and I almost wanted to ask if I could record it (laughs). They’re two stalwarts and to see Rajini sir being so fond of Mr Bachchan is so sweet. One thing that I really learn from him is humility. It is this quality that makes him so loved by his fans throughout.” Huma said.

When asked about the hardest scene, Huma tells us that she had to yell at Rajinikanth in once scene and =foiund it scary and hard. “The toughest scene for me was the one where I had to yell at Rajini sir. That was the hardest. I was so scared, but thankfully it was received well. Also, he is a superstar and an amazing actor. It was my sixth day at the shoot and I was trying to get my groove of things. Ranjith gave me a powerful scene and I’m so glad it turned out well,” she said.