Why did Devi Sri Prasad walk-out from Valmiki?

Devi Sri Prasad is known as a person who likes to keep long term relationships with people in Industry as it leads to multiple opportunities. But the music composer as one simple rule and that is, he won’t remix other’s songs.

From him, it is acceptable to give a different version of his earlier tune but not remix of other composer’s songs. Well, this is the reason why Devi Sri Prasad quit his new movie, Valmiki it seems. Harish Shankar, the director, agreed to this rule but still asked him to give remix of a popular song for his remake film, it seems. Unable to convince him, Harish asked him to at least give other tunes but DSP completely quit the film, it seems.

Hence, Mickey J Meyer is composing songs for the movie and the music composer is fine with remixing the hit song, it seems.