Why Murugadoss Still Likes Mahesh Babu?

Dynamic director Murugadoss is the best bet for big ticket films and big ticket heroes. His blockbusters have catapulted heroes to the pinnacle. He is one crazy director who is most sought after. Many say as a super director, he is second only to Sankar.

AR Murugadoss Special Interest On Mahesh’s Spyder Movie

But, Spyder his film with Mahesh Babu, has reversed his image. The much-touted entry pass of Mahesh Babu into Kollywood, tanked miserably taking Mahesh Babu’s and Muruga’s reputation with it. The film robbed Mahesh Babu of whatever little craze he had
among the Tamil viewers. The Tamils spoofed on Mahesh Babu’s emoting and called it dead pan expression.

Mahesh needed at least a couple of superhits to wipe off the bad memories of Spyder. Even for Murugadoss, it took quite some time to get over it. He made Sarkar with Vijay and managed to put his reputation back on rails. However, despite the failure, Muruga still likes Spyder and its hero. Even after making Sarkar, his Twitter handle’s profile pic’s header is still Mahesh Babu in Spyder. Though many suggested that he replace the header with images from Sarkar, Muruga did not agree. Why is Muruga still head over the heels for Mahesh Babu? What is the secret of this craze?