Why Our Own #MeToo Failed?

#Me Too pot, which boiled hot till the other day, seems to be cooling off slowly but surely. The movement, which sought to expose the gender harassment at workplace, appears to be suffering from early-peaking and lack of credibility.

Why Sri Reddy Me Too Failed

With heroine after heroine naming and shaming the sexual predators at the workplace, one thought things would improve in the film industry. But soon, there was cancer-like trivialization and frivolity in the #Me Too movement. All sorts of trivial allegations were flung and the real issues got side-tracked. There was more sensationalism and less of substance.

We too had over own version of #MeToo, when Sri Reddy opened up. She exposed several big names and the media too gave her fair amount of screen space. But, somewhere along, she flondoured and began making senseless comments. It all got diverted and today Sri Reddy is consigned to ignominy of silent posts on Facebook. The movement now lacks fizz and gets rare mentions in media. It’s all so predictable