Yuvatha must watch this video

Everyone says Youth plays a crucial role in the society. They are capable to destroy anything with their age. Recently, Hyderabad city was flooded with drug news especially in schools and college. Few people will try to change the people attitude like that one director took it has its responsibility and made one song to create awareness among the Youth.

The song lyrics and how they addict to drugs showed in very precise way. The video showed don’t take a hard step when you are in youth. If you want to make your parents proud then just do the right things even though when it is tough.

We all should appreciate the lyricist Lakshmi Bhupala, the music director Raghu Kunche and the director Sanjeev Reddy for making this song heart touching and emotional.

We know this small word will not do justice for all your efforts, but we would like to say from depths of our hearts it’s very good and message oriented song. We should appreciate the whole Yuvatha team for moral thought and for creating awareness among youth.

Crew Details:

Concept and Direction: Sanjeev Reddy

Producers: Hema Bhupala, Raji Bhupala, Raaga Pushyami Kunche, Geethardh Kunche.

Initiation, Music Direction & Singer: Raghu Kunche.

Lyrics & Execution: Lakshmi Bhupala.

Cameraman: B.V. Amarnath Reddy D.F.Tech

Editor: Navin Nooli