Rajinikanth 2.0 Makers Diwali Gift To Fans

Shankar film 2.0 starring Superstar Rajinikanth is the most awaited film for the cinephiles. The makers have planned a Diwali gift for the fan whihc is sure a double treat. Film’s antagonist Akshay Kumar announced about the films trailer launch date and since then it has left fans ecstatic and eager. “The fifth force is coming! Gear up, ‘2.0’ trailer launching on November 3,” Akshay tweeted.

2.0 Movie Trailer Launch Date Revealed

Akshay about his role had said, “most powerful character and one which has probably stayed with me for the longest time,”, adding, ” I am the dark superhero for those who don’t have a voice! Humans beware”. The film is made on a budget of Rs 400 crore and a source said, “It (the budget) is not all those ridiculous figures being thrown around by people who have no idea about such things. The actual overall budget of 2.0 is Rs 400 crores, and that too after the VFX was done all over again since the original VFX was of very poor quality. Also, the film is far more expensive than the usual 3D films in India. Most films in this country using that format are first shot in 2D and then converted to 3D. However, 2.0 was shot in 3D (sic).”

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