Another dull week at the box office

This week, three Telugu films have locked horns with each other at the box office. They are King Nagarjuna’s Manmadhdu 2, Anasuya’s Kathanam and Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu’s Kobbari Matta. Manmadhudu 2 was the only one which released with a lot of expectations among them.

But right after the first show, the film started to get a negative talk from the audience. They were disappointed with the lame storytelling and the double meaning dialogues of the film and collections have started dipping down eventually.

Coming to Kathanam, though it has Anasuya in it, no one knew that the film is even releasing in theatres and realizing that fact, we can’t talk anymore about it. Finally, Kobbari Matta is targeted for a particular section of the audience who likes spoof comedy and it is performing well in those areas. It has collected a share of Rs.60 lakhs in Telugu states which is a huge achievement for a hero like Sampoo.

On the whole, it turned out to be a dull and disappointing week at the box office and a lot of expectations are being put on this week’s releases, Ranarangam and Evaru.