Antariksham Trailer Review

Sankalp Reddy’s Antariksham 9000 KMPH trailer is out giving more details about the characters and the plot. The trailer akin to its teaser has hit right notes among the audience and makes it a wroth theatrical experience.

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The trailer starts with giving a glimpse of the satellite (Mihira) which revolves around the Earth. The probile lies in is that the satellite encounter anerros fllwing whihc it keeps getting closer to Earth and the more it nears the problem arises. To solve this,  Varun aka Dev is send with abled astronauts to fix the error. How their journey churns out forms crucial. The trailer looks impressive but in certain portions, for instance, outside the space shuttle looks unreal. However, it’s too early to say as filmmaker Sankal who made his grand debut with Ghazi has high expectations from the audience.

Meanwhile, check what celebrities have to say about the trailer: