Arjun Reddy assistant director to direct Varma?

Will Arjun Reddy assistant director direction Varma? Well, this is the latest buzz doing the rounds. News has it Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s assistant director Girisayya who was part of Arjun Reddy will take the reins is being said. However, we have to wait for an official confirmation for the Varma producers E4 who had earlier issued statement about reshooting Varma.

“We aren’t happy with director Bala’s version of the film, thereby announcing the Arjun Reddy remake will be re-shot with a new team.” the production house said. Meanwhile, if Girisayya comes on board it is to be seen how the movie shapes up. considering that he is a freshman and would be his first big project, will he be able to live up to the expectations is to be seen