AskKTR: Netizens roast KTR over Inter results fiasco

Telanagan working president KT Rama Rao (KTR) conducted an interactive session #AskKTR on Sunday, April 28. A wide range of subjects from civic issues to political to infrastructure was covered, however, the widely thrown question at KTR was the Intermediate results fiasco that entangled the KCRgvernmnet recently.

One of the users questioned, “Please fix accountability with board officials. No department inquiry. They exonerate each other. External disciplinary committee (need) to be engaged”. To this, KTR tweeted, “Point taken”.

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Another tweep asked as to why KTR is not responding to the bungling of exam results fiasco that led to suicides of 20 students To this, the TRS leader said,  “What clarification would you like me to give, sir? What happened is tragic and those that are responsible should be punished. I am a parent too and I can understand the pain of those that have lost their children,”. KTR further added,  “I was as agonised as anyone else in our state. What happened was truly unfortunate. Now that the committee appointed by the Telangana government has submitted its report, action should be taken,