Babu Gogineni: Bigg Boss Is Like Psychological Pressure Cooker 

Rationalist and humanist Babu Gogineni has finally opened up how it was like living inside Bigg Boss house. Babu Gogineni after his eviction from the reality show made some explosive comments on the show host Nani among other things. Firstly, he says that living in the Bigg Boss house was akin to staying in North Korea subbing it as “starvation diet” and Bigg Boss house as a “pressure cooker”.

Bigg Boss Is Like North Korea Says Babu Gogineni

“Staying in the house is like being in North Korea on a starvation diet. It was not easy at all. Food is just about adequate, but there’s not enough protein. Those who are used to working out every day, stopped going to the gym because there was not enough protein for them. Since there is no clock, and you have no concept of time, you don’t even know when sleep time will come. I call it North Korea because it’s a kind of dictatorship. But I must say, it gave me a huge platform to air my views.” says Babu Gogineni.

Meanwhile, in an old interview, Babu Gogineni said that he was snubbed by Nani for his comments against Rajamouli, Babu Gogineni said, “If the same debate takes place now, I can demolish Nani’s remarks in two minutes.”