Balayya’s ‘Alludu’ not to get MLA ticket?

In the TDP, only one Alludu rules the roost. This happened with Chandrababu Naidu. He was the preferred Alludu for NTR, while another son-in-law Daggubati Venkateswara Rao played second fiddle. Is history repeating now? Yes, say those close to the Balakrishna family.

Balakrishna’s other son in law Sri Bharat too wants to join politics and wants the ticket to contest the upcoming elections. But, it is becoming increasingly clear that Lokesh Babu will not allow this. While Sri Bharat is asking for Vizag seat, the party is likely to refuse on the pretext of doing justice to the Kapus. The party is arguing that since all MLA seats have been given to Velamas and Gavaras, it wants to do justice to the Kapus by giving them MP seat. If not Kapus, Yadavas will get preference. Chandrababu is reported to have asked Balayya Babu to convince Sri Bharat.

Sri Bharat, who is the grandson of former MP MVVS Murthy, has no option. Hs other grandfather is not in the TDP. So, he can only fall back upon NBK and has to listen to his counsel.