Big Blow To Haarika & Haasine Creations?

Haarika and Hassine Creations is one of the leading production houses in Telugu film industry now. The production house is successfully associated with a lot of hit movies in the past and most importantly, they do movies with Trivikram Srinivas who shares a special bonding with them. While S Radha Krishna is the head of the company, his nephew Suryadevara Naga Vamshi takes care of the production and PDV Prasad is the executive producer who reportedly takes care of the business.

Apparently, the latest rumour in the industry is that PDV Prasad is planning to quit the company because of the dissatisfaction and no proper credit for the work he does. An interesting speculation is that he was offered a job by another leading production company and Prasad is ready to leave H & H. As of now, no one from the production house or PDV himself did not confirm the news. Let us wait and see.