Bigg Boss 2 Highlights

The second season of Telugu Big Boss 2 started with a bang. Nani, the show host, was all “natural” as he is conferred the tag Natural Star. Nani’s anchoring skills are being lauded though it’s too early to say. But more often than not, many are comparing Nani with NTR Jr, who was the season’s first host, known to put the hose on fire with his impeccable humour and spontaneity.

Nani’s Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Day 1 Highlights

The first episode started on a grand note with all the introduction of the housemates. And in the first episode itself, we get see diplomacies at play while two common people were conferred to jail after housemates thought them to be least deserved in the Big Boss 2.

Again we take you down the memory lane introducing you about the contestants:

Check It Out, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Names Here

1) Singer Geetha Madhuri

2) TV show anchor Deepthi

3) Actress Tejaswi

4) Hero Tanish

5) Actress Deepthi Sunaina

6) Actor Samrat

7) Rationalist Babu Gogineni

8) Actor Kireeti Damaraju

9) Anchor Shyamala

10) Roll Rida

11) Amit Tiwari

12) Kaushal

13) Bhanu

14) Ganesh (Commoner)

15) Sanjana (Commoner)

16) Nutan Naidu (Commoner)