Can he change Nagarjuna’s decision

Since these days biopics have become a trend, many filmmakers are digging out the eminent personalities’ stories and trying to make them as silver screen films. Recently, the first part of NTR’s biopic, Kathanayakudu, has hit the screens but unfortunately, it turned out to be a huge flop.

After the biopic of NTR came up, many people wondered that there is also a biopic in consideration which is to be made of another legendary actor Akkineni Nageshwar Rao. Few reports also claimed that his son Nagarjuna is planning to make it as an episodic web series. But Nag has quashed all these reports as mere rumors. In a recent interview, when asked whether he would make a biopic on his father, Nag said-” We don’t have the courage to remake our dad’s films, how can we make his biopic. Moreover, I’ll be devastated if his biopic won’t perform well. Thus I don’t have any plans to make it.”

But the sources in the industry claim that a top producer wanted to convince Nagarjuna to do ANR’s biopic as a web-series. The talks have began and we have to see can this star producer change the mind of Nag.