Chiranjeevi is hellbent on giving Ram Charan’s global stardom a high

Ram Charan is a global star and there is no denying the fact. The manner in which he becomes popular after the RRR win at the Oscar is there for us all to see.
Ram Charan’s team has made sure that his son gets the ultimate recognition and they were quite successful as well. All this has happened only because of Chiranjeevi as he was the one who employed a team to promote Charan.
When NTR had come back to Hyderabad, Ram Charan went to Delhi to attend an event. What’s special is that Chiranjeevi also went to Delhi and met the likes of Amit Shah along with Ram Charan.
So, Chiranjeevi is also hellbent and is making sure that Ram Charan becomes a biggest star in India and become a bigger star than him. Well, half of that has already happened. 
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