Chukka – A heart-wrenching short film

Expanding its horizons to deliver content-driven short films, Klapboard is back with another latest short film titled – Chukka. Presented by Phanisree Paruchuri, the film chronicles the journey of a woman who makes ends meet for her livelihood. Screenwriter Nazeer SK has shown great insight into the struggle of the woman in her dysfunctional marital life, and despite doing the best how she is meted out with ill-treatment by her negligent husband.

The cast which includes Sameer, Sujatha, Pramela, Mokthika, Chakravarthi, Naaz, Jessie have got into the skin of their character. All the artiste made their roles believable, so much so, that it was heart-pulling. SV Kumar dialogues with its rawness made it apt for the village milieu.  Cinematographer Vali SK has successfully captured the rustic beauty. With wonderful scenic shots, it is no less than a visual treat for the city-folks. And  PVR Raja music adds life to the proceedings. Bankrolled by RK Nallam and directed by Saleem Malik, Chukka stands out, not only as a heart-wrenching tale but a tribute to the struggling women out there, which also underlines the importance of relationships.

Netzines have given a good response to the short film., Do let us know in the comments section below about your take on it. Watch it here:


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