Comedian’s comeback problems

Sunil thought that by shifting to comedy, he would be able to regain the lost ground. So, he even sacrificed his six pack body to turn to comedy. But, even directors like Trivikram and Srinu Vytla, who are known for their flair for comedy, have failed to give him the much-needed break. They have not been able to repeat the magic for Sunil.

In Padi Padi Leche Manasu, the director tried to use Sunil as a surprise element in the second half. But, his comedy failed to click. In fact, Vennela Kishore clearly outshone Sunil. The hero-turned-comedian is perhaps realising that it is very difficult to repeat the magic.

When Sunil reigned supreme, he was the only one if his kind. Now, he has to compete with many comedians. The directors too do not seem to have time to chisel right roles for Sunil. One only hopes Sunil gets the right roles.