Cops barge into Arnab’s home, arrested

This was expected but the manner in which the proceedings took place was shocking and extremely disturbing. The manner in which Arnab Goswami, editor in chief was treated was similar to what is meted out to a terrorist this morning. He and his staff were cooperating and visiting police stations whenever the summons were given. He had made himself available but was treated in a high handed manner.

Arnab-GoswamiWhatever the scam he was indicted in, he was willing to answer every question and even told Param Bir Singh to come over for a debate. The power of the State and the police is out on full public display. Arnab has been taken to Raigad say reports and he was followed by a cavalcade and a police vehicle. Arnab gave a brief statement before he was taken in a van, he said he was assaulted. The Bollywood mafia is surely happy today and a fake case has been filed on him which is an abetment to suicide. The legal position is not clear so far. Instructions to the arrest were made last night.

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