Opinion: Nab killers, renaming road not important

It has become some kind of custom to demand the government to name a street or chowk after the death of a departed person. If the man who dies happens to be a soldier, it makes more sense. There was a plea to have a junction named after Col Santosh Babu in Suryapet, he had sacrificed his life for the country recently. But a ridiculous claim for a statue to be installed on a popular street in Nalagonda (P Pranay) did the rounds and citizens expressed their dissent for the same.

How does an honour killing case in a family, in a district, in which a youth is killed become a National issue or State issue? A low caste, young man traps a high caste rich girl and marries her and when her father gets him killed, the Dalit section demands his statue in the centre of the city. Who is this guy and what is his contribution to society that he deserves a statue or a street named after him?  Similarly, a road and a roundabout have been renamed in the memory of Sushant Singh Rajput, in Purnea ..his home town in Bihar. The newly renamed road is supposed to be a tribute to a great artist. Agreed he had donated for flood victims which is a noble gesture but every time a philanthropist donates a crore and there is a demand for renaming street after him is not a good thing at all. Nabbing the killers would be a real tribute to Sushant, not having a street named after him. Statues are for freedom fighters and national leaders but we are living in times when a chief minister’s boy friend also gets a statue in the heart of the city in Chennai. The matinee idol has not made any contribution to the State other than increasing his wealth and real estate.

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