Opinion: Param Bir Singh caught on the wrong foot & he has none to blame

It is getting increasingly difficult for the media to speak openly. Cases are being filed left right and centre on anyone who dares the government and the only ones who are benefitting are the advocates who have their hands full with cases. Now after targeting Kangana, it is Arnab Goswami’s turn to face the heat. We can say this is a case of personal vendetta as Arnab had been for quite some time challenging Parambir Singh and Udhav Thackeray by their first names and has been calling stars as druggies. Yesterday, the Mumbai police were jumping like popcorn and especially Param Bir Singh hurriedly called for a press conference the moment an FIR was filed on Arnab’s channel. He was ecstatic. Very soon other channels started supporting Mumbai cops and were tweeting congrats to Param Bir Singh, he also went live on one friendly channel. To be specific the allegation was that Republic Television was bribing people with Rs 400 to watch their channels for high TRPs by using the SSR case. High TRPs translates into advertisements for the channels. But why would an advertiser give advertisements to television channels who have manipulated their ratings. Do people watch television and give ratings based on the money given to them or the content that is aired?

Arnab as usual held a debate on prime time and this is where he came up with another expose. Just to besmirch the reputation of Arnab and his channel, the inept and insecure Maharashtra government, its loyal police which Arnab says is more loyal than the king concocted another fake case to target the Republic channel. The FIR was on India Today and not Republic TV. Param Bir Singh in a mood of excitement that he has a complaint, an FIR assuming to be on Republic TV, told the Press that action would be taken both on Arnab and his channel. Now Arnab says he will file a criminal defamation case and wants an apology from Param Bir Singh to the entire nation. Last week Republic TV had exposed Dr Sudhir Gupta’s lies and yesterday it was the Mumbai cop. The latter has clearly made a mockery of himself and has embarrassed the government.

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