Did Vijay Deverakonda Vote?

Ahead of elections in Telangana, hero Vijay Deverakonda spoke about the value of vote and asked the youth to exercise their franchise. “If you don’t line anyone, at least press the NOTA button,” was his sage advice to the youth. But, where was Vijay on the polling day? Did he go to the polling booth to vote? He had also claimed that he is a great fan of KTR. But, did he vote for the TRS?

Every film star turned out to vote on Friday. Biggies like Mega Star Chiru, Nagarjuna and others queued up to vote. NTR waited for over an hour for his turn to vote. Even Allu Arjun turned up at the polling booth. But, where was Vijay Deverakonda? There’s no proof that he has voted.

But, sources tell us that he is busy with the shooting of Dear Comrade and had no time to vote. He has several projects lined up for him and has very busy schedule. He is not even available on phone. So, where is Vijay Deverakonda? The netizens are already trolling him on this.